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Image of a flyer wImage of Sarah Harvey's Opus Pericardium talk at Brighton Digital Festival

September 2012

Opus Pericardium @
Brighton Digital Festival

On 12 September 2012, Sarah Harvey, Tim Yates and Richard Whale held a reflective talk at the Nightingale Theatre, Brighton. They spoke about the ideas that inspired the work, the conceptual and ethical issues that were raised during the research, as well as the progress and outcome of their research linking artistic practice to scientific research and the confluence of both The Sciences and The Arts. The audience also experienced the heart sounds created during this project. 

"The talk was incredibly interesting when the lights went down, and I experienced the intimate sound of the heart, it made me cry, there was an incredible vulnerability and intimacy to the evening." (Audience participant)

Photography by Daniel Yanez Gonzalez

Opus Pericardium is generously supported by Arts Council England, Soundfjord and The Nightingale Theatre.

ImagImage of Sarah Harvey's Opus Pericardium talk at Bernie Grant Arts Centre London

July 2012

Opus Pericardium @

From 7 July until 4 August 2012, Sarah Harvey presented her first major exhibition working in collaboration with composers, Simon C Russell and Tim Yates. 

Sarah, Tim, Richard Whale (Senior Lecturer at Brighton & Sussex Medical School) and Professor Peter MacFarlane (Professor of Electrocardiology) also took part in a talk at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in London on Saturday 21 July.

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