Opus Pericardium

Opus Pericardium is a sci-art project exploring the poetry and topography of the heart made tangible.

By translating the rhythm and pulse of life through digital data of electro cardiogram readings, this piece unearths the secret sound of the human heart, sculpting its tacit language.

Crossing the boundaries of science and art, artists Sarah Harvey and Tim Yates have created an immersive experience in which the audience is taken inside the body of another human being and allowed to experience and explore the sonic qualities of a heart beat.

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“Opus Pericardium encourages a form of intimate listening in which the whole body may be part. The work creates an auditory enclosure that can also seem to penetrate the body, the heart beat becoming an echo of the listeners own. This is a good example of work that crosses the disciplines of science and art.” The Wire Magazine (Issue 343) Sept 2012

The audio experience in this video is optimised by headphone use.

Sarah Harvey

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